Saturday, March 27, 2010

downsizing (lyn)

Whenever I need something tailored, I go to Ros.  Despite the English-sounding name, Ros is a Russian Jew with a thick accent, and a big personality.  His location is inconvenient, his prices are high, but he’s the best.  Ros’s shop is small and crowded, but hanging everywhere are beautiful, high-end designer clothes.  Today I take Robyn with me.  Like Valerie, she has impeccable taste, and also like Valerie, she has strong opinions that she’ll share (but only if asked).  Today I am asking.

I bring in six items.

The first two are easy:  The two pair of Theory pants I bought the other day.  They fit perfectly except for the length. 

Next I put on a pair of black pants I bought last summer and had taken in for Thanksgiving.  These are now too big again.   Only this time they are unfixable.  To be wearable, the entire pant would have to be taken apart, at a cost of about $65.  Robyn does not think it’s worth the investment.  I agree.

Next I try on a pair of black Piazza Sempione pants I brought last June and have never worn; the tags are still on them (too bad they are not from J. Jill).  Although they will cost $80 to re-size, Robyn and I both feel they are worth it.  (And that’s still $10 less than Ros's original quote).

The remaining two items are both from lululemon.  One is a pair of beige shorts that I bought on sale last summer, size 10.  These literally fall right off my hips.  To fix them would ruin the look of the shorts.  These I’ll give away.  The other is a ¾ length hip-hop crop.  These were my favorite throw-on pants from last summer.  Again, we all decide they are not worth re-sizing.

Last time I went to Ros with any significant tailoring was in 2006, when I’d lost about 10 pounds without trying.  Soon after, I gained the 10 pounds back plus another 25. 

I’m certain that will not happen this time.  

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