Saturday, March 27, 2010

let's talk turkey (m)

My husband is a very frugal New England Yankee.  Once, he tried to tell me that I should be taking "Navy Showers."  You get wet (ideally with cold water) then soap your body (with the water turned off) and then quickly rinse (again, with cold water).  I told him my father was in the Army and to leave me alone.

When Harrison went to Turkey with his class, I insisted he bring my Blackberry because it gets service globally (Sam once called me when we were in South Africa to ask where I kept the postage stamps).  Harrison saw it as a sign of weakness, or perhaps an extended umbilical cord, and wanted no part of it.  I begged him to take it.

Halfway through his trip, when we were in Florida, the phone rings.  I look and see it's my Blackberry number.  Uh, oh.  By my calculation, it was 2 a.m. in Turkey.  My heart springs out of my chest. 

Me:  H.  Are you okay?  What's wrong?
H: Ugh.  My stomach.  I think it was the Turkish Delights I ate tonight.
Me: Okay, do you need to throw up?
H:  (breathing heavily).  Oh...I don't know...I feel awful.  Just stay with me on the phone.  Please.
Me:  Okay, honey.  Just relax.  If you have to barf, it's okay.  You'll feel better.
H: (almost on cue, sounds of barfing) Oh...this is awful...I feel terrible.  Oh, why did I come here?
My husband:  Hey!  What are we doing here?  It costs $2.29 a minute to call from Turkey!

And the next day, I got the $108 lobster tail from Australia.

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