Thursday, March 25, 2010

the wake (m)

Went to a wake tonight for an elderly man whom I've never met. I had to escort my mother and aunt as neither of them drive.  Anyway, the deceased was the father of one of the friends of my brother, Phil.  I barely know Phil's friend and here I am at the friend's father's wake.  All I know about the man is that he was over 90 years old and recently begged his doctor to prescribe Viagra for him.

I didn't dare ask the cause of death.

Get in the room and, not surprisingly, don't see anyone I know other than the friend and the friend's wife.  Express my condolences.  Just as we're heading out the door (in/out in under 10 minutes...not bad), my mother stops and talks to someone.  It's "Aunt M"...the aunt of the friend.  I've met Aunt M once or twice.  Ironically, the last time I saw her was at the living wake for Phil's previous dog, Boomer.

Aunt M stares at me and says:  "You've lost a lot of weight.  I almost didn't  recognize you."

Karma, I thought.  I did a good deed and something good came to me.

We exit the funeral parlor and my mother turns to me and says "You know, she can't see for sh..t.  She has that macular degeneration.  Very bad."

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  1. Aren't mothers wonderful? No one can zing it to you quite like they can.