Wednesday, March 31, 2010

i love your donuts (m)

Had a consult with the orthopedic surgeon today.  McDreamy is back from Haiti.  I've been exercising daily (walking and/or biking) but this right knee is killing me.  Recall that it is the left knee that has the large tear in the meniscus.  The diagnosis on the right knee was patellar tendonitis.  Rest, ice, gentle exercise should have done the trick.  I even watched a doctor on YouTube show at-home physical therapy (she looked like she died and they heated her up for the expression, no personality....but I digress).

Get into the office and McDreamy comes in, resplendant in royal blue scrubs.  He reads the MRI films and asks me a few questions.  I tell him the pain is not abating.  "Well....that's because you have a tear in that knee in addition to the patellar tendonitis."  Beautiful.  The radiologist missed it when he read the films.

He tells me I have two now or see if with additional weight loss and exercise I can avoid surgery.  Then he says, "I love your donuts".  What??? He points to the circular rings on my necklace...the 25 and 50 pound "donut" rings. 

I ask him when I should make an appointment to see him again.

"Come back as soon as you get your next donut."

It's a date.

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