Tuesday, March 30, 2010

new version of an old ad (lyn)

Tonight 14 of us meet at the home of Valerie’s sister-in law, Jill, for the second night of Passover.  We are all close, so it’s always comfortable. 

There are supposed to be 15 people, but unfortunately my sister will not be coming as she is at home moving stuff out of her basement and using a sump pump (living in an apartment, I had no idea that home owners in the northeast actually own such things).  The heavy rain we've been having has finally entered her home.  Despite protests from my parents, her mother-in-law, her kids, and her husband, my sister (a very hard worker) is not comfortable leaving her home.  She needs  to prepare it for the water-removal professionals who will be coming in the morning.  

Last night I ate a fairly controlled dinner (matzoh ball soup, turkey, stuffing, gravy, asparagus, cauliflower soufflé, and cranberry sauce totaling 16-points).  I was perfect for dessert as I ate none (and this was not easy as I love the 7-layer chocolate cake my sister always serves).  But the appetizers killed me (9 points on saltine crackers, chopped liver, and creamed herring).

I need a strategy for tonight as tomorrow is weigh-in.  I’m thinking I’ll skip the appetizers (except for maybe some crudités), skip the 3-point matzoh in the matzoh ball soup, have the amazing filet roast Jill always serves, and then maybe have one slice of the 7-layer cake.

Last night 7 of us met at Penn Station to go to Long Island.  Tonight the same 7 are meeting at Grand Central to go to WestchesterIncluded in this group is Jared, a tall, slim 26 year old with a wry sense of humor.  His passion outside of work is basketball.  He is not a chit-chatty kind of guy. Before meeting everyone Alexander makes the following suggestion.   “Hey, I’m sure Jared would be interested in hearing the details of your weight loss.  You can tell him all about it on the train ride out.”  In other words, you don’t have to discuss this with every single person; most don’t care!

I get to Jill’s and am fairly good about the appetizers.  No creamed herring and no chopped liver, but lots of red peppers and cucumbers, with a dip.  And then some gefilte fish from a kosher butcher that was so much better than any I’ve ever had before.  For dinner, I only eat the spinach soufflé and filet, but certainly more than any health organization's recommended portions.  Dessert was fruit and two small pieces of the seven-layer cake.

My dad, who is very reserved with compliments, looks at me across the table and mouths, “You look beautiful.”  I almost cry.

I weigh myself when I get home and am shocked.  Can two consecutive big meals really add this much weight?  And tomorrow is weigh-in.  I don’t even want to go, but will. 

Before getting into bed,  I remember an old ad, and think of it with a new spin:

Passover dinner one.  25 points.  Passover dinner two.  30.5 points. Dinner with family.  Priceless.  

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